Star Wars Battlefront VR Review - Rogue One X-Wing VR Mission

July 8, 2023
David Sunnyside

Ever since they were a kid, boys have dreamed of climbing into the cockpit of an X-Wing fighter and blasting through the stars for the rebel alliance. Childhood dreams rarely come true in the real world but, thanks to EA and PlayStation VR, Star Wars fans can now live out that fantasy in Rogue One X-Wing VR Mission.

Free to anyone who owns the base game and has a PS4 with a VR headset, this little DLC lets you take to the skies in Rogue Squadron and fly alongside the infamous rebel fleet on their daring run against the Death Star. Witty banter from your squadron in and out of battle and a visit from a character from the new film help keep the story compelling while you fly around the galaxy, navigating asteroid fields and, of course, fighting Tie fighters.

The controls are familiar to any player of a Space Shooter: the left stick adjusts your speed (up and down) while the right one changes direction. You also have two selector switches to prioritize speed, firepower or shields at any time. This is pure power fantasy and it’s a joy to be thrust into the action, blasting through turrets on a huge destroyer or battling a group of TIE fighters.

It’s a shame that this experience isn’t available to everyone though. It’s a fun and short piece of content that gives you a taste of what the full Star Wars Battlefront 2 game will look like in virtual reality.

David Sunnyside
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