Starbucks Sugar Plum Danish Review

May 22, 2023
David Sunnyside

starbucks sugar plum danish review

Starbucks is known for their coffee and beverages but they also have a wide variety of pastries. The starbucks sugar plum danish review is a seasonal pastry that features a puffy pastry puff with a sweet cream cheese filling and topped with spiced sugar plum jam. It’s a delicious and tasty treat that goes perfectly with your favorite coffee. This danish is also a great treat for breakfast or even just as a snack.

The pastry is made with a rich, buttery, and flakey puff pastry dough. The dough is rolled and folded several times to create dozens of flakey layers. Then, the dough is stuffed with softened cream cheese and topped with a swirl of sugared plum jam. The resulting pastry is both sweet and buttery with a delicate crunch. It’s perfect for those who want to enjoy a treat that isn’t overly sweet.

In order to make this recipe at home, you will need to use frozen puff pastry that is found in the freezer section of most grocery stores. You will also need cream cheese (regular or low fat), sugar or another sweetener of your choice and vanilla extract. Lemon juice and zest are optional and will add a nice pop of flavor to the Danish.

Served warm, the cheese Danish is the perfect compliment to a cup of Starbucks holiday beverage. The flavor of the danish is very similar to that of a sugar cookie. The flavors are complemented by a swirl of whipped cream and the sweet praline crumbs on top. This is a delightful treat that will make you feel like it is Christmas Eve.

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