Starting A Business From Home

June 20, 2022
Justin Lumiere

In today's digital age there are countless opportunities to make a living on your own terms. Just the thought of taking your income into your hands or working remotely on a tropical island instead of a soulless office can a be powerful enough for you to quit you job and start your own business. 

If you are on the fence about starting your own digital business this article is for you. 

Below are four of the most important things you must have in order to successfully operate an online business. 


Positive Mindset


Having a positive mindset is the most important aspect of starting and running a successful online business. Without a positive mental attitude nothing else will function properly. In the beginning stages you may find yourself spending money faster than it’s coming in, and working longer hours than you did at your job. For many first time entrepreneurs this can be a test of their own faith and bring out character flaws they didn’t know existed. Even established business owners go through a regular process of self discovery. One quality that makes a successful entrepreneur is their ability to embrace challenges as a pathway to becoming a better person and business owner.




For many first time digital entrepreneurs working from home, disciple is an area they often struggle with. If you are accustomed to showing up on time or working at a certain pace just to keep your job, discipline is an area you may want to focus on. 

When you start doing things on your terms, it is easy to fall into lazy habits, primarily if you work from home and no one is there to give you firm guidance. But you can change that by just looking to hire excel experts to maintain your business organized.

Even though you might be working from the comfort of your couch it's important to take your business seriously. Setting strict rules with yourself as if you where your own boss will help you establish a balanced routine between business and personal life. 

A lack of self discipline as an entrepreneur will hinder your growth and could have a negative affect on close relationships. 

Reminding yourself daily of what the cost of inaction is of you not reaching your goals will force you get things done.


Investing in Computers

If you plan to venture into self-employment, it's important to ensure that your office space is conducive for a remote job. Investing in quality computers for starting a home business is imperative if you want to do things like email, and Skype with clients or conference calls without compromising on quality. This way, you'll ensure that you can do the work you need to without any interruptions in communication. If you use a home office or other space to conduct your business, make sure that the computers have enough memory and speed to handle multiple programs at once. You may have heard about cloud storage for home offices, and this is one of the best ways to guarantee security for all your files and peace of mind by not having a lot of computers on site.


Lead flow/sales 

Every business needs to make sales in order to stay open. A digital business is no different. If you want to have a successful online business you must learn how to get qualified leads and make sales. With a physical business putting up a sign and openig your door is sometimes enough to get leads to check out your business and hopefully buy from you. However, for digital businesses people won't know you exist unless they see a digital asset of yours in one of the many places they visit online. 

Getting your name out there in as many ways possible until you start seeing what works best is essential. It also never hurts to seek professional advice from people in your industry who have already mastered getting qualified leads for your industry. 

Seeking help will save you time and money even if you end up paying for consulting. Getting leads and making sales is something you want to make sure you know how to do, no matter how amazing your product or service is.


If you are reading this and thinking, “I just started and I don’t have the experience yet so I'm going to learn before I start selling anything,” the following paragraph was specifically written for you:


The longer you wait to bring cash flow into your business, the less chance your business has of surviving the first 6 months to a year. Learning how to speak to potential clients and getting them to pay you can be much more challenging than actually doing the tasks they have paid you to do. 

All you need is faith in your business and the discipline to do all that you possibly can for your clients, everything else will fall into place once you start. 

Don't wait to start getting clients. Sign them up as soon as possible even if you are still learning. You can always leverage other people's knowledge in your industry to get the job done. 


System / Standard Operating Procedures (SOP’s)


All of the most successful and well established business in the world have proven systems or Standard Operating Procedures. Implementing SOP’s that other successful people in your industry use can help you save time, save money, deliver better client results and make more sales. This is crucial, especially if you are just getting started. 

The faster your business is able to gain momentum the faster you can start scaling it out to your desired goal. 


Borrowing what's already working can be a challenge for some strong minded independent thinkers. You must put your pride aside when starting up your online business. Leveraging others peoples knowledge they have gained from making the same mistakes you are about to commit will save you lots of money, time and stress. Once you business starts becoming a well oiled machine you will have more time to tweak things around and your personal touch. Don't try to reinvent the wheel if someone out there has already done it use what works and better it to your liking. 


Having written or visula SOP’s on all parts of your business will also make hiring and training future employees a lot smoother. 



While starting your own online business might sound sexy and stress free, there are many challenges you may encounter similar to a physical business. If the idea of becoming an entrepreneur inspires you seek out people who have already  have an established business in the same or similar industry. Learning form others mistakes will speed up your growth. 


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