Staub Steam Grill Review

March 18, 2023
David Sunnyside

staub steam grill review

Staub Steam Grill Review

Indoor grilling is a great way to cook foods, but the results are often undesirable-it tends to fill the kitchen with smoke and meat can become tough and dry.

Steaming is a healthier alternative to grilling, as it keeps food moist and tender while keeping the food crisp on the outside!

This Staub steam grill is a versatile pan that can be used to cook everything from burgers to steak to chops and vegetables. It has a tight-fitting lid that locks in flavor and moisture and prevents excessive smoking, so you can enjoy all of the delicious benefits of indoor grilling while avoiding the negative side effects!

The textured interior of this griddle makes it easy to form diamond grill marks as the drippings are pulled away from your food, and high ribs on the bottom provide superior browning. The domed glass lid helps keep foods surrounded by steam and keeps drippings from accumulating.

A great addition to any kitchen, this grill is a convenient, healthy way to cook!

The unique design of this griddle allows you to sear and steam at the same time. The ridges on the bottom create a textured surface that sears your food, then you can cover it with the domed glass lid and steam it in its own juices for a delicious, healthier version of all your favorite dishes!

Made in France with sand casted molds, this enameled cast iron cookware doesn't require seasoning and is dishwasher safe. This grill is the perfect choice for a home cook or professional chef.

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