Steps to Take Before You Start Driving a Motorcycle

April 21, 2022
Natalie Thorburn

If you're planning to start driving a motorcycle, always remember to stay vigilant, alert, and aware of your own speed, other cars, and road conditions. This is especially true when you're on the open road. It's also a smart idea to know the proper precautions and procedures before you ride. If you focus on getting everything you need before riding and if you pay attention to safety tips on the road, you'll be well on your way to becoming a responsible and safe rider.

What You Need Before You Ride

Get a Motorcycle License: You should ensure you have the proper license before you begin riding a motorcycle. Most states require that you pass a test to obtain a motorcycle license. Because of this, you should become familiar with the rules of the road and the traffic laws in your state. Taking the time to do this will allow you to reduce the risk of accidents and ensure that you are following all the necessary safety regulations.

Wear Safety Gear: Wearing a helmet and wearing protective clothing will keep you safe if you get injured. Wearing a helmet is one of the best ways to stay safe on a motorcycle. You can avoid serious head injuries if you wear a helmet. When riding a motorcycle, you should also wear protective clothing to protect your skin from scratches and burns.

Get Motorcycle Insurance: Owning a motorcycle means you need insurance. However, you'll be surprised at how easy it is to get affordable insurance. For instance, providers like Quote Buy Ride offer pay-as-you-drive motorcycle insurance, so you only pay for what you need. You can easily find a policy that fits your budget and riding habits.

Tips to Stay Safe on the Road

The following are five motorcycle safety tips you should know if you are a new rider. While many of these tips also apply to driving a car, they are especially important to keep in mind when riding a motorcycle for the sake of your own safety.

Wear a Helmet: When you ride a motorcycle or other open vehicle, you should always wear a helmet. In the event of a crash, it is the best defense against a severe head injury. It can make a huge difference in your recovery on the case of a crash.

Stay Visible: Always ensure you're visible to other drivers. Wear bright colors and use your headlights. You should also use signals, whether built-in or manual hand signals, to indicate to other drivers where you are going.

Avoid Tailgating: Third, give yourself plenty of room when you're following another vehicle. It can be hard to stop at the last second if the car in front of you stops abruptly. You’ll generally want to maintain as much space as possible from other vehicles on the road since you are more vulnerable to injury.

Watch for Hazards: Fourth, watch out for road hazards and be aware of road conditions. Avoid potholes and large cracks in the road. If the roads are wet or icy, remember to take it slow and give yourself more room to stop than usual.

Drive Sober: Fifth, don't ride under the influence of drugs or alcohol. These substances can impair your judgement as well as your vision and reflexes.


Motorcycling can be a lot of fun, but it can also be dangerous. Follow the safety tips above, and you'll be well on your way to being a responsible and safe driver. And of course, always remember to obey the traffic laws.


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