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May 26, 2023
David Sunnyside

Before Al Mancini moved to Las Vegas with his wife, he took on a job writing for a local paper. He figured it was the best way to feel like he belonged there. And so he started writing about strip clubs.

He says he wasn't trying to offend anyone; his strip club writing was a way to connect with people. But some of the things he wrote about weren't very nice.

Mancini has since become a well-known food critic in the city, though he hasn't reviewed a strip club in a while. He wears a mohawk and a goatee dyed varying shades of green and has set himself apart as a sort of punk rock gatecrasher among the city's other top food writers.

There are still plenty of ways to connect with strippers online, though. Some sites allow users to interact with dancers in real time, giving them a sense of intimacy that they wouldn't have if the performers were pre-recorded. And techno-futurists say haptic technologies(opens in new tab) could soon enable you to feel even the subtlest touch of a dancer as they perform — from the brush of hair on your arm to the light caress of your thigh.

David Sunnyside
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