Super Shred Review

May 23, 2023
David Sunnyside

super shred review

Super shred review is a popular diet that promises to help you lose up to 10 kgs in just four weeks. It is the brainchild of American medico Ian K Smith and shares a similar philosophy- meal spacing, snacking and meal replacement- as his earlier bestseller 'SHRED'.

Super Shred uses a unique blend of whey protein isolate/concentrate and calcium caseinate that provides your muscles with a fast-digesting, high-amino acid fuel. The addition of the slower-absorbing casein also supports muscle growth and appetite control. This is a great combination for fat loss and for preserving muscle mass. Max's also added a complex of fat-burning extracts such as phaseolamin, green coffee extract, and hydroxy citric acid that boost metabolism and burn extra fat for energy.

This is a good-tasting weight/fat loss shake that mixes very well in both spoon and shaker. It does not leave any clumps or grittiness in the glass. It does foam up quite a bit in the shaker or blender when mixed as directed with 200 mL of liquid but settles within minutes.

The first week of the diet is called Foundation Week and it is important to build a strong foundation that will carry you through the next three weeks. It is critical to get your body and mind used to eating less, avoiding processed foods, and using the proper exercise techniques. This will prepare you for the final week of the plan which is your Goal week.

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