Super Why ABC Adventures App Review

March 5, 2024
David Sunnyside


Based on the award-winning PBS KIDS TV series SUPER WHY!, this app takes kids on an around-the-world alphabet adventure. This new app from Out of the Blue Enterprises offers children opportunities to build letters, upper and lower case, and basic sight words in fun ways that fully leverage iPhone and iPad capabilities. Kids are guided by their favorite PBS KIDS characters, Whyatt and his Super Reader friends, while learning the alphabet through five games.

Each game is hosted by a different Super Reader character and features capital and lower case letters, common letter sounds and visuals themed to places throughout the world. The games are simple and fun, and a Map of the World sticker activity allows children to collect souvenirs from their Super Why ABC Adventures. A collection of ABC sing-along videos and a child progress tracker are also included.

This is a great alphabet-based app for preschoolers, and it's perfect for parents on the go who want to ensure that their children are getting the most out of their iPads while traveling. However, a couple of design flaws prevent this from being one of our top picks.

Kids can use their Map of the World to collect special souvenirs from their Super Why ABC Adventures, and the app's progression tracker helps them understand what they've learned through the game. Despite these features, it's important to note that this is not an alphabet practice app, and teachers will likely want to be sure that their students don't play the app in addition to their letter learning lessons.

David Sunnyside
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