Superhero X12 Program Review - Get Ripped and Build Muscle Like a Superhero

March 18, 2023
David Sunnyside

superhero x12 program review

If you’re looking to get ripped and build muscle like a super hero, this is the program for you.

This program is designed to target the upper body and has very minimal training of the lower body (as per superheroes). The trainer, Keith Lai, is a fitness pro who is geared more towards beginners and intermediate lifters than more advanced lifters who want to max out their strength gains.

The first thing I noticed about this program is that the workouts are very basic. The workouts are three different sessions, each focusing on one muscle group or body part.

You’ll perform five exercises for a total of 3-5 sets in each session. These are some very common exercises that you can use in most gyms.

It’s also very easy to progress on each set as you add more weight or reps from week to week. The progressions are very simple and can work for beginners as well as intermediates who want to maximize their progress without getting stuck in the rut of monotonous training.

Nutrition is very straightforward with a calculator that will automatically spit out your macros and calories based on your goals and experience level. It also includes an idiot-proof grocery list that will help you plan your meals for the duration of this program.

The workouts and nutrition are both great for both beginners and intermediates who want to look like a superhero. The only caveat is that the overall training volume and progressions will not be as good for the more advanced lifter who already has a lot of experience with muscle growth and strength building.

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