Switchdriver Review

May 22, 2023
David Sunnyside

switchdriver review

The Switchdriver is a unique and useful tool. The tool combines two drills and drivers into one device and saves time by eliminating the need to swap out bits. This saves time and effort, allowing you to get more done in less time.

The tool also allows you to drill a pilot hole before driving a screw, which helps prevent the screws from splitting and cracking the work piece. It is ideal for a variety of small projects such as hanging shelves or curtain rods, drilling holes for cabinet knobs, installing hinges and door sets, and assembly projects requiring different bits like Phillips, slotted, square recess, and Torx nut drivers. The tool is designed for comfortable use with an ergonomic, lightweight design and Gripzone micro-texture to reduce user fatigue.

It is a 20V cordless driver/drill with 2 built-in 1/4'' hex quick-change chucks and a dual speed motor. It comes with a charger, a couple of starter drill and screwdriver bits, and a soft case. The tool can reach a top speed of 1350 RPM and deliver up to 310 in-lbs of torque at the highest setting.

The Switchdriver is an innovative and fun tool that will be appreciated by the DIY-er who spends a lot of time working with power tools. The tool is easy to operate, has good ergonomics, and is a great gift for the handyman in your life. It is powered by WORX 20V Max Lithium batteries, which can be used with other tools in the same family.

David Sunnyside
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