Synergy Amps Review

April 15, 2023
David Sunnyside

synergy amps review

If you're a guitar player, then you've probably heard of Synergy amps. They offer a range of preamp modules that allow you to create the sounds of boutique amplifiers for a fraction of the cost.

The idea is simple; you take a single preamp cartridge, containing an amplifier pre amp from some of the best designers in the business, and load it into a preamp module that you can plug into your rig or interface to get authentic, boutique valve amp sounds at a fraction of the price. There are fourteen different cartridge options to choose from, each sold separately.

Reinhold Bogner is a legend in the world of boutique high gain, having designed amps to back up Alice In Chains' Jerry Cantrell and Alter Bridge’s Mark Tremonti as well as Steve Lukather, George Lynch, Eric Johnson, and Walter Becker. He is also known for his iconic Ecstasy amp and Synergy has teamed up with him to create a module that delivers all the harmonically rich overtones, searing high gain, plexi-style punch and note definition of the original at an affordable price.

Synergy 450

The Synergy 450 is a 225-watt, all-tube power amplifier that offers two rack-mountable, footswitchable preamp modules. Its cabinet-simulated direct output, MIDI programming and transparent effects loop make it a great option for players looking to relive their boutique tone in the studio or onstage.

David Sunnyside
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