Table Mate Review

May 23, 2023
David Sunnyside

tablemate review

The tablemate is a transformable TV tray that allows the user to have their food, activities, and electronics within arm’s reach. This unique customizable table is like combining 18 different tables into one, as it slides all the way up to the user and doesn’t require them to reach at a ridiculous length for their things. It has the ability to hold up to 50 pounds and can support multiple activities including laptops, tablets, phones, board games, sewing materials, puzzles, reading material, and eating a meal.

It is a great choice for people with limited mobility as it adjusts to six different heights and three different angles, making it easier to eat, read, or work on projects. It also features an adjustable cup holder and can be folded flat for storage. This makes it a very convenient product for those with tight spaces and the newer Table Mate Ultra model is curved to hug the body for more comfort.

The only drawback is that tall people may have difficulty finding an adjustment and it can tip over easier than we would prefer due to the rounded legs. However, this product is a huge improvement over the original Table-Mate and we are confident it will meet the needs of many users.

David Sunnyside
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