Taft Dragon Boot Review

May 26, 2023
David Sunnyside

The Taft Dragon is a great pair of boots for anyone who wants a style that is a little different from the typical cap-toe service boot but still has excellent build and material quality. The price is also a bit higher than other direct-to-consumer boots but that's to be expected with high-quality materials, leather, and construction.

Taft is an interesting brand that lives in a unique space between creativity and raw design insanity and legitimately excellent quality, fit, and finish. They have a very dedicated following and their footwear has been a staple in the closets of many shoe lovers.

Their woven leather shoes and boots are a bold creative decision that creates an interesting visual aesthetic but does add to the cost of the boot. To help manage the cost, they've opted to use Blake stitch instead of Goodyear welt which does lessen the long-term durability but it's a reasonable trade-off given how rare woven leather boots are and how expensive they would be if made with traditional methods.

The tan on the Coffee and Rust boots is vegetable-tanned (and not chrome-tanned) which is more sustainable than box calf tan which uses chemicals that are harmful to the environment. It's also more supple than regular calf leather and will age well over time with wear.

These boots are surprisingly comfortable and have never given me any issues with breaking them in. They have a nice, snug fit through the ankle and a slightly slouchy look that I like. You'll want to keep them clean by regularly brushing them with a suede eraser and applying a light coat of Otter Wax Boot Wax every six months or so.

David Sunnyside
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