Tanfoglio Witness 9mm Review

May 26, 2023
David Sunnyside

There are a lot of people out there that prefer a full-size pistol for target shooting and home defense. The Witness from European American Armory Corp (EAA) and Tanfoglio is a clone of the CZ 75 pistol and offers a wide range of features to make this gun well-suited for those needs.

The Witness is offered in a number of chamberings including the popular 9mm,.45 ACP, and.40 S&W, and is based on a common frame that can be swapped with different slide assemblies. The slide on the Witness rides inside the frame, which gives it a shorter top-to-bottom profile and allows for a tighter fit that contributes to excellent accuracy.

On the match-ready version, you’ll find a reversible magazine release and ambidextrous thumb safeties for left-handed shooters. The Witness also comes optics-ready with tall sights that can co-witness with a standard height red dot.

Another unique feature of the match-ready Witness is the firing pin block. This block is held in an upward position, blocking the firing pin until the trigger is pulled. This adds a good deal of weight to the trigger pull, which many find to be quite smooth and accurate.

The EAA Witness Match Pro also includes a three-slot Picatinny-style accessory rail that can be mounted on either side of the gun for maximum flexibility. It ships with a 17-round magazine from Mec-Gar, a world-leading manufacturer of magazines that has long been known for their reliability.

David Sunnyside
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