Tech 21 Trademark 30 Review

April 15, 2023
David Sunnyside

tech21 trademark 30 review

Tech 21 has a long standing reputation for building quality guitar amps and effects pedals. One of their most famous products, the Sansamp, is a single channel amplifier that has become a staple in the collection of many an accomplished guitarist.

The Trademark 30 is the newest member of the family. The company's latest offering sports a plethora of features, including two channels, boost, reverb and effects loop. In addition to the XLR direct output, you'll find a handful of 1/4" inputs and an external speaker jack on the rear.

If you're looking for a solid-state guitar combo and are willing to pay a premium, the Tech 21 Trademark 30 may be just the ticket. Its a fine gizmo that should be in your bag of tricks for your next impromptu gig. The best part is that it hasn't cost you the bank. If you're a fan of the blues or are just on the lookout for a well-rounded powerhouse, you'll be hard pressed to beat this classy stompbox. Check it out for yourself, and be sure to share your thoughts with us!

David Sunnyside
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