Tell Me Why Books

August 19, 2023
David Sunnyside

Tell Me Why Books are the perfect way to answer young children's questions about animals, the world around them and their own lives. Age-appropriate explanations and appealing photos encourage reading and provide a foundation for future learning.

When you play as Tyler or Aly, each twin remembers different things about what happened when they were younger and the choices you make will have an impact on which one of them feels validated by the outcome of their trip home. The story builds on some pretty heavy topics, including mental health, cultural beliefs and gender identity, but they're never trivialised and are handled with care.

Like many of Dontnod's narrative adventure games, Tell Me Why is filled with lots of little puzzles to solve. However, some of these - such as matching animals to their gifts in Mary-Ann's fairytale Book of Goblins and solving simplistic riddles about the characters - aren't really that interesting and are easily solved once you know what to look for.

Tell Me Why is a really impressive game that's got a lot to say about family, forgiveness and the power of words. It's also a surprisingly touching story of two brothers coming to terms with their troubled childhood and their relationship with each other.

David Sunnyside
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