Tesla Model Y Steering Wheels Detach While Driving

July 13, 2023
Justin Lumiere

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration has initiated a preliminary evaluation into two reports of 2023 Tesla Model Y steering wheels detaching while being driven. As per NHTSA documents, both vehicles were delivered without a bolt that secures their wheels to their columns - leaving only friction fit between its splines and those on the column's spline as an anchor point for them to hold securely in place.

Steering Wheel Options

As we all have experienced while driving, clattering noises may come from loose trim pieces or poorly secured cargo. But in two Tesla Model Y drivers' cases, the issue was more serious - their steering wheels dislodged while they were driving! In response to these incidents, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration has initiated a preliminary investigation, impacting about 120,000 2023 Model Y SUVs owned by Tesla.

In both incidents, the steering wheels detached completely from their attachment to column splines and were no longer attached to their vehicles' columns. According to NHTSA reports, both vehicles had been delivered with an incomplete set of retaining bolts, leading to their sudden separation. Though details surrounding each incident remain uncertain, both cars had low mileage when new and were likely delivered with missing retaining bolts at delivery.

Make your Tesla Model Y or S Plaid even more unique and improve grip with this custom steering wheel from Tesery! Perfect for adding style and feel while improving grip, our fully trimmed leather or Alcantara wheels feature stitched colors of your choosing; all OEM controls such as air bag, radio and cruise work as expected!

Leather Steering Wheels

If you prefer the warmth and feel of leather steering wheels, there are numerous options to consider. These wheels feature carbon fiber finishes wrapped with luxurious leather for an upscale appearance; in addition, many offer heating functions for added driving comfort.

The Hansshow steering wheel is an ideal option for anyone looking to add leather styling to their Model Y, without losing airbag or buttons in the process. It's designed as a direct replacement of OEM steering wheel core, meaning no airbag or buttons may get lost along the way.

This premium yoke steering wheel for Model 3 & Y was carefully created with both style and function in mind. Its unique ellipse shape was thoroughly evaluated to find its optimal contours and grip thickness for optimum performance.

Carbon Fiber Steering Wheels

For those wanting a dramatic upgrade, our carbon fiber steering wheel makes an outstanding statement. Crafted with premium leather or Alcantara for comfort and style with racing red stitching for racing stripes and genuine carbon fiber accents for added sportiness - its flat bottom provides increased knee clearance while giving off sportier vibes - it makes this upgrade the ultimate upgrade for Tesla Model 3 or Model Y drivers alike!

Every steering wheel begins with a new core, then is handcrafted for your specific order using over 20 hours of labor. Each unit features reshaped sides and flat bottom for increased leg room, as well as being wrapped with your choice of upholstery material. Paddle shifter control modules and multifunction buttons may be transferred over for installation if they already exist on your existing wheel; heated wheel options are also available at additional costs.

Custom Steering Wheels

NHTSA announced Wednesday that they are investigating two reports of steering wheels falling off vehicles while on the road. NHTSA is aware of two instances in 2023 Model Y vehicles where their steering wheels completely detached from their steering columns after being sold without an attachment retaining bolt.

One driver reported their wheel came loose during highway traffic in Woodbridge, New Jersey and that no cars were behind him so that he was able to safely pull onto a divider barrier.

Our carbon fiber steering wheels are lightweight, offering superior grip with a comfortable driving experience on long drives. Customize them to suit you by adding logos or graphics; just add them to your cart or contact us for more details! They're easy to install without requiring special tools or wiring connections!

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