The 24K Monster Headphones Review

May 16, 2023
Justin Ankus

24 monster headphones

Monster Cable, one of the leading garage brands in audio production, can often be found at major electronics stores like Best Buy or Electronics Plus. Not shy or subdued themselves either - their headphones certainly stand out! Their brand has earned a strong reputation for producing reliable AV gear capable of supporting bass-heavy studio sessions; and its 24K headphones designed by hip-hop artist Meek Mill are set to hit shelves December 15 for $280 USD.

The box for these headphones explains that they're designed to deliver audio "as it's meant to be." Featuring DJ-style ear cups that swivel for flexible listening positions and premium design features like foldable flatness for travel convenience and an included carrying case with additional audio cables, these cans have everything needed for maximum enjoyment of audio content.

On first listen, it becomes apparent that these headphones stand apart from your typical pair. Their bass is rich and crisp while mids are clean and highs well defined; not at all muddying up their soundscape as is often found with headphones with heavy low frequency enhancement. At higher volumes they may produce some distortion; though that shouldn't be overbearing in any way.

Not unlike some overly snug headphones, these models provided comfortable fit for most reviewers. Although some struggled with the headband (including CNET Editor David Carnoy who couldn't get his snugly around his head), most found the rest of our team found it relatively comfortable.

Although many Monster headphones are tailored for pop music, these have a more natural sound and appeal to many listeners. Their bass is powerful yet not overshadowed by it - these provide ample low end response while maintaining clarity and detail rarely found with headphones focused on bass alone.

The 24K's are an outstanding pair of headphones designed to work on any device with an audio cable connection, making them an excellent choice for music lovers looking for studio quality listening experiences but lacking in budget earbuds. While not the ultimate solution for noise isolation, they do reduce some environmental noise to make commuting or working more pleasant; making them an excellent alternative to Beats by Dre and its aggressive marketing.

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