The Balance Mouse - A Mouse That Runs Away When You Exceed Work-Time

July 13, 2023
Justin Lumiere

Tech giant Samsung recently unveiled a computer mouse designed to prevent people from working beyond office hours - the Balance mouse runs away when users exceed work-time limits.

This company posted a video to YouTube, featuring their mouse running away from a desk once work extends past 6 pm. According to them, this device was created in order to promote work-life balance among employees working in Korea.

Work-Life Balance

Work-life balance is an idea that encourages employees to prioritize both their personal and professional lives. Research suggests that those struggling to find an optimal work-life balance are at increased risk of health problems such as lack of sleep, depression, weight gain and heart disease.

Finding an effective work-life balance can be challenging for all individuals; everyone has different lifestyle and priorities that make establishing the optimal balance more challenging than expected.

There are a number of strategies that can help people strike a more equitable work-life balance, including setting boundaries between personal and professional lives, spending time with friends and family, and taking care of oneself. One effective way of encouraging work-life harmony in the workplace is through innovative products designed to promote wellness at work - such as the Samsung Balance Mouse computer mouse that will scurry away when it detects that you're working beyond contracted hours - this clever device aims to help break habits of overworking by combining functionality with playfulness to remind users to stop working and start living!

Ergonomic Design

Use of a regular computer mouse causes you to twist your forearm, wrist and fingers into unnatural positions that can lead to carpal tunnel syndrome and repetitive strain injury (RSI).

Ergonomic mice are designed to fit your arm and wrist comfortably, helping reduce stress on your body and keeping you from feeling fatigued after work.

Jelly Comb's vertical design places your hands at a 57 degree angle, mirroring a handshake grip and eliminating wrist pronation. This helps lower the risk of Carpal Tunnel Syndrome as constant twisting puts pressure on median nerve and tendon pressure points in your hand.

Lift's design features an innovative back and forward page button located above the thumb rest, perfect for laptop users. Furthermore, all hardware components and electronic circuits are housed within its shells to reduce overall device weight; in addition, Lift is made out of recycled plastic, while its paper packaging comes from FSC certified sources.

Detection Sensors

The vestibular sensory apparatus located within an animal's inner ear is essential to their sense of balance and coordination, but injuries or diseases to it can cause vertigo and other debilitating conditions that compromise these abilities.

The beam walk test is an efficient and popular means of measuring rodent motor function. A typical setup for this assay involves creating a narrow 'walking bridge' between two platforms that serves as both starting point and escape space for mice to move across it safely. Scientists will train mice over multiple days until each one reaches the end platform without experiencing paw slippage and measure how long each mouse took to cross. They then measure time taken per mouse for them all reach reach end platform as well as counting any instances where mice had any missteps while measuring time to reach end platform while recording any instances where mice had any paw slippage incidents occurred on this narrow bridge bridge between platforms with starting platform at one end and safe space at other end connected by safe space mice could escape safely to.

Scientists use this assay to gain an understanding of how balance and coordination work in the body, and how these systems may become compromised in diseases like spinocerebellar ataxias. Furthermore, this assay serves as a test of potential treatments for these illnesses - successful scores on the balance beam can indicate that treatments have worked.

Escape Function

DH Tech recently came across an eye-catching viral video of Samsung's innovative concept mouse that runs away when your pre-set work time has expired. Created in collaboration with advertising agency INNORED and released initially in Korea as a solution for excessive office work, Samsung claims many Korean workers cannot leave on time due to pressure from their bosses or fear of having completed all tasks they started due to excessive office work.

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