The BeerDroid Review

May 23, 2023
David Sunnyside

beerdroid review

The BeerDroid is a cool-looking unit that looks like it would fit into a modern kitchen. It’s fully automated and brews up to 2.6 gallons of beer at once. All you need to do is add a starter pack (called a Brewprint) and water, select your beer type from the menu on the LCD screen or using the smartphone app and wait a week or so until it’s ready to bottle or keg. It can be set up on a table or counter and is Wi-Fi enabled so you can keep tabs on the brewing process, which you can start from the machine itself or remotely through the app. When the brewing process is complete the device will switch into storage mode until you’re ready to make a new batch.

It’s easy to operate, even for the most novice of home brewers. Once you connect the BeerDroid to your WiFi network it saves its progress and process history in a cloud, which allows you to pick up where you left off even if the power goes out. The device is compatible with a wide variety of recipes, including many that can be purchased separately through the BrewArt website. However, its cookie cutter approach may put off some brewing purists who want more creativity in their home brewed beers.

The patented brewing system makes it simple to create a great tasting brew. The unit automatically controls the temperature and the brewing cycle and can be customised to suit your style of choice. It also has a built in keg tap that makes it easy to dispense your finished beer into a glass. During testing the BeerDroid’s West Coast Pale Ale was preferred by around a third of testers and was said to have a more true beer flavour than the commercially-bought James Squire Pale Ale.

David Sunnyside
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