The Benefits of Computer Networking

April 28, 2023
Justin Ankus

Computer networking

Computer networking refers to the process of connecting computers together in order to share information and resources. It has become an integral component of modern computing and can be utilized by businesses, schools, and homes worldwide.

Computer networks offer many advantages, including flexibility, security and collaboration. Their technology is easy to learn and setup can happen within minutes - if you're thinking about becoming an IT networker there are plenty of courses online that can get you going.

A computer network makes communication between departments easier and ensures everyone always has access to the latest information at any given time.

Secured Remote Access

Computer networks allow people to work from home and remotely access information, making this option particularly helpful for employees recovering from illness and needing to remain in their job while at the same time keeping an eye on student activities or keeping tabs on children who live far from school. Parents needing to monitor young children can also benefit from secure remote access networks.

File Sharing

One of the key benefits of computer networks is their ability to enable people to quickly share data and files between members. This has allowed companies and organizations to transfer files more efficiently while saving both time, money, and effort in doing so.

This can be particularly advantageous in larger enterprises where individuals must produce large volumes of resources for consumption by their audience - something which would prove much harder without access to a computer network.

Increased Productivity A computer network can facilitate collaboration among employees on projects and also allow access to files anywhere they have internet connectivity - saving them both time and energy while uniting people from disparate areas into collaborations.

Efficiency can also be improved by enabling people to switch tasks more quickly - which can help those juggling multiple projects at the same time, but also has its drawbacks.


One major drawback of computer networks is their susceptibility to disruption from viruses, information corruption and ISP outages; and by hackers looking for personal or database theft.

Increased network activity may decrease its speed and efficiency. If this is becoming an issue for your network, seek professional assistance immediately.

Invision in Kansas City is your trusted source for all of your computer networking needs - from design and installation to maintenance and support services. We can assist in finding the ideal network solution that complements the growth stages of your company as well as provide ongoing assistance.

Computer networking careers offer individuals who wish to build successful and sustainable businesses an ideal path. Although starting can be challenging, DeVry University provides undergraduate and graduate programs in this area which will equip you with all of the knowledge and experience you need for success.

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