The Best Web Design Tips of 2023

June 16, 2023
David Sunnyside

The Best Web Design Tips of 2023

The Best Web Design Tips of 2023

A well-designed website should attract visitors and keep them engaged. This can be done through a variety of techniques, including using interactive elements.

For example, using animation with typography can be a fresh new trend. This technique is also highly customizable, allowing designers to create unique experiences for their visitors.

1. Minimalism

In our consumer-based culture, we are constantly encouraged to purchase the newest and greatest things. Minimalism is a way to break free from this mania and learn to live with less.

This lifestyle also creates more space in your life, whether it’s time to spend with your family or a little extra money to travel. It can even help you take risks and explore new ways of living.

But the worst versions of minimalism frame simplicity as a means to self-improvement through high-end consumption. This version of minimalism ignores the reality that “shopping for happiness” doesn’t work. It just ends up fostering a self-centered mindset that prioritizes the latest products and houses.

2. Maximalism

Unlike minimalism, maximalism aims to grab attention through bold colors and loud fonts. This design style isn’t for every site but can make a website stand out from the crowd.

However, this design trend can easily get out of hand if not properly executed. The creative freedom granted by this technique makes it easy to overload a page with too many elements and textures.

The key is to use the elements sparingly and to pair them with other features that add visual appeal and balance. For example, Esteemed graphic designer Keeli McCarthy used maximalism to create an eye-catching cover for her Eisner-nominated all-women comics anthology. She paired a hypnotic collage of illustrations with clear typography and pulsating colors to create a compelling design that stands out from the crowd.

3. Textual Layouts

One of the most important web design tips is to ensure that text is clearly displayed and easy to read. Clunky layouts, poor font size or awkward spacing can be enough to turn a visitor away.

Creating good balance with white space is another essential tip for website designers to keep in mind. Blank space helps sections be distinguished from each other and also highlights any important visual elements on the page. Vidyard does a great job of this with their site, which contains generous amounts of blank space between each section.

Another way to create a unique experience for your visitors is through animation. Parallax scrolling is a popular trend that allows websites to take users on imaginative journeys. This is especially useful for top-of-the-funnel calls to action that are more difficult to communicate with text alone.

4. DIY Elements

If you want your website to look fresh and stay ahead of the competition, follow conventions that are proven to work. This will help visitors feel comfortable, and it will push them towards the KPIs you’re after.

For example, if you’re using multiple sections on your homepage, make sure each one is roughly the same length. This will ensure that the sections don’t crowd each other out or become difficult to read.

The hero section at the top of a page is an important element that should stand out. Many websites use this space to show off visual elements or provide social proof, like reviews and testimonials. Others use the space to tell a story, like parallax scrolling. This trend gives designers an opportunity to be creative and offer unique experiences.

5. Animated Typography

Animated typography, also known as motion typography, is text that moves in a creative way. It can be anything from slowing down, shrinking or expanding to changing shape and color. It's very eye-catching and can convey an emotion-filled message to your viewers.

Especially if you have a video that explains something complex, using kinetic typography can help people understand your message better. This kinetic typography video from Dan Palmer is a great example.

It illustrates the fact that if you can find value in things that make you feel passionate, then you can do almost anything with your life. And this is an empowering message, especially in today's world. The video was created to encourage students who may be struggling with school or life in general.

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