The Book of Longings - A Catholic Review

May 22, 2023
David Sunnyside

Sue Monk Kidd soared to fame with her first novel, 'The Secret Lives of Bees'. Alas, with 'The Book of Longings' she has fallen spectacularly back to earth.

The Book of Longings catholic review

This fictitious story is set in the world of first century Galilee, when Ana is a young woman whose intelligence, strength of character and passion embarrass her family and make her stand out in a society that stifles women's voices. She has a desire to be educated and a love for papyrus and ink, but is forced into a marriage that will prevent her from following these dreams. It is at this point that she meets Jesus, a man who understands her and shares her yearnings. They fall in love and eventually marry.

Jesus is portrayed as a loving and incredibly thoughtful husband, which may surprise many people who think of him as a celibate deity, but Sue Monk Kidd has done her research and presented this as a believable possibility for the time and place in which He lived. Her depiction of him is a moving and uplifting experience.

Ana is a strong and passionate character who has many adventures in her life. She is a woman who wants to shine in her world, and she finds the courage to do so with Jesus by her side. Her journey is an inspirational one, and it is an extraordinary book to read. The Book of Longings is available to non-members for a limited period of time. For full access, become a member today.

David Sunnyside
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