Echo Dot Plum: Pink Alexa Echo Dot Speaker

September 15, 2020

The original Amazon Echo smart speaker attained quite a bit of popularity, and the Alexa Echo Dot is a smaller version of it. The primary difference between the two is that while the former was provided with a large cylindrical shape, the Dot Speaker looks similar to a hockey puck. It is 1.5 inches high while its diameter is around 3 inches. The Alexa Echo Dot Plum is just a pink version.

Echo Dot plum

What does the Alexa Echo Dot Plum speaker offer?

Voice commands dictate what the device does. Although it is equipped with a few buttons featured on the top for controlling the volume, muting the speaker, and waking up the device, you don't have to touch it to use it.

Original Echo Dot

The smart speaker uses AI to perform various activities. You can use it for setting alarms, playing music or games, controlling other smart devices of your house, and searching the internet. There is plenty that you can do with your Alexa Dot speaker, and its skills will leave you impressed.

The Echo Dot Plum, unlike the original Echo speaker, is not provided with a large speaker. Owing to this, it is provided with a small and compact would not take up a lot of space. However, you can connect it to an external speaker through Bluetooth or audio cable. This option was not available in the previous version.

Setting up the Dot speaker is quite simple and straightforward. It is unlikely that you would not be able to integrate it with ease. Improvements to the Alexa app make the call quality clearer.

All in all, you will find the Alexa Dot Plum speaker to be worth your money. It is packed with a lot of appealing features and capabilities and that too, in a compact design.

I personally love using my Alexa. Furthermore, I have one in almost every room. Lastly, I get them for gifts for my family and friends.

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