The Compmag Review

May 23, 2023
David Sunnyside

The compmag review

The new compmag is a ban state compliant fixed magazine that solves the problem of having to break open your action to either load or remove a magazine. It has an internal mechanism that locks into your mag well and then allows you to access the rounds through a door in the side of the mag. Installation is super easy and no holes need to be drilled in your firearm. Loading and unloading are a breeze and it’s very easy to clear double feeds. It also works with the cross armory mag lock system making it even better.

If you live in a ban state like New York the GEN 3 can be epoxied on over the release hole cover which seals it and makes it “permanently attached” to your gun for New York compliance. There is a divot on the top of the cover showing you where to drill to access the release hole if you want to use it in a non AR or AK rifle.

If you’re not in a banned state and don’t care to make your mags permanent or you simply don’t want the hassle of breaking open your action for loading and unloading then we recommend using our GEN 2 or roughing up/removing the Cerakote inside the magwell where the locking wheel sits when you insert the compmag. This is easily done with a little sandpaper. The GEN 3 has a screw for locking so it’s more forgiving and can still be removed without removing the lower receiver (with a mag in it). It won’t fit any bullpup firearms however as you’d have to separate the upper receiver to access the hex screw that locks it into place.

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