The Delanos X2 Snowshoes Review

April 15, 2023
David Sunnyside

delano x2 snowshoes review

The delano x2 snowshoes are a great recreational shoe that is lightweight, durable, and accessible for all levels of snowshoers. They also offer a springy stride and easy bindings, making them ideal for everyday use.

How Well They Float:

Flotation is a key factor for a snowshoe’s overall performance, and it depends on several factors including surface area, shape, and traction. A wide, oval frame provides better floatation than a narrow, tapered design. However, wider frames can feel cumbersome underfoot.


A snowshoe’s traction is crucial when you’re tackling steep, icy terrain. Backcountry snowshoes are designed with aggressive crampons and heel lifters to ensure a stable grip on ice and steep slopes.

How They Fit:

Bindings are another critical component of a snowshoe’s performance. Ratchet or ladder-style bindings are best for beginners, while coil bindings with lever or heel straps are more versatile in terms of foot size and position.

Heel Lift:

A heel lift is a feature that reduces calf fatigue and increases traction on ascents. Most snowshoes with heel lifts feature a quick-release system that allows you to activate the lift on the fly.

How They Perform:

Whether you’re hiking a local trail or tackling the highlines, snowshoes can help extend your season and provide greater access to new places. They can also make short treks easier by distributing your weight evenly and making it possible to go a few more feet into deep snow without sinking.

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