The Delonghi EM 7507EB Review

April 15, 2023
David Sunnyside

delonghi ew7507eb review

The delonghi ew7507EB is a well built and stylish looking oil heater that is surprisingly lightweight at just over 23 lbs and can be folded up into a small package for easy transport and storage. Its rounded design and sleek appearance is sure to turn heads and the best part is the fact that it has a surprisingly long lasting life span. With its patented vertical thermal tunnels it really does the magic of heating up a room or two and saves you a few bucks in the process.

The Delonghi EM 7507EB is a great example of a mid-sized powerhouse that will be in your family's home for many years to come and the company has done its homework so you don't have to! Its impressive features include a snazzy looking remote control for improved functionality, a fancy high tech touch screen display and a cleverly disguised battery compartment. The aforementioned eminently functional display features an LED light and a programmable timer for the power user. Unlike many other similarly sized competitors the eminently functional display is not only stylish, but is also quite sturdy thanks to its tempered glass construction.

David Sunnyside
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