The Dewalt DW618 Review

April 15, 2023
David Sunnyside

dewalt dw618 review

DW618 Review

The dewalt dw618 is one of the best routers for beginners and amateur woodworkers, but more experienced users love this tool too. It offers incredible durability, versatility, and advanced features that make routing easy and create beautiful cuts.

Power and Performance

The DW618 router has a 2.25 peak horsepower, 12-amp electronic variable speed motor that can cut through tough hardwoods without hassle. It also has a soft start feature that reduces the torque on the motor when it starts up to improve control.

Variable Speed Dial

The variable speed dial on this router allows you to set speeds from 8,000 to 24,000 rpm, which is great for a variety of sizes and types of bits and cutters. In addition, the DW618 router comes with full feedback control to ensure consistent speed across the whole range of speeds.

Bit Changes

Changing bits on the DW618 is simple and quick thanks to the spindle lock and single wrench changes. The DW618 also features a LEXAN sub-base that easily centers the spindle on jigs and fixtures.

Fixed-Base Adjustments

The fixed base on the DW618 router is extremely stable, allowing you to adjust it to any height using the spring-loaded quick release latches. This allows you to easily center the jig or fixture on the router base to get precise depth and height adjustments.

Swapping bases is also very easy and requires no tools!

Another unique feature of this router is the micro-fine depth adjustment ring that allows you to make fine 1/64-inch changes to the depth adjustment. This makes it very easy to make consistent cuts and keep the switch/cordset at the same location for maximum safety and convenience.

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