The Essentials of the Esthetic Use of Machine Technology

September 11, 2023
David Sunnyside

Just like the invention of the credit card machine on the gas pump revolutionized a simple and mundane aspect of everyday life, new technology is bringing fresh takes to classic esthetician tools. From the tools of the future, to the modern versions of time-honored equipment, the new tools are helping clients see exactly what an esthetician has known all along—that skin wellness treatments don’t just feel good, they work. And no matter what type of tool an esthetician uses, “it’s only as effective as the operator,” Hinds says. Here are some of the most essentials of the esthetic use of machine technology.

What does microcurrent directly target when used for esthetic purposes? It stimulates both skin and muscles. It also helps penetrate product and break down fat cell stores.

David Sunnyside
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