The Firebird Disc Review

May 26, 2023
David Sunnyside

The Firebird is a must-have for power throwers. Few discs are as trustworthy or reliable, especially in windy conditions. It flies straight and smooth, with a strong fade toward the ground at flight’s end. It’s also a great disc for sidearm players, as it holds the line you set with your arm speed.

It’s no surprise that this classic is a top-selling disc year after year. It’s a disc that is well-suited for advanced players, as it requires a more polished and refined skillset to manage. It can be challenging for beginners to handle, as it is a fast and overstable distance driver.

Compared to the Innova Thunderbird, which has a more similar flight path but is much easier on the arm, the Firebird is much overstable. The XCaliber version of the Firebird adds even more overstability, as it has a cranked-up fade that can help you punch through some tough holes and get on the green with tricky shots.

The RocX3 has more high-speed stability than the Firebird, but it doesn’t have quite the same turnover and fade potential. If you’re looking for a more stable alternative to the Firebird, check out a Bard or Malta instead.

The Discmania Splice is another overstable distance driver that’s useful in windy conditions. Its dome is noticeably flatter than the Firebird’s, however, so it may not have as smooth of a glide. The Splice also feels more board-flat in the hand, though it’s not as flat as some Destroyers.

David Sunnyside
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