The Foundation for Network Transformation: Secure SD-WAN

November 21, 2022
Natalie Thorburn

SD-WAN has played a pivotal role in enabling the global digital transformation of organizations. At first, it simply provided a more flexible way for branch offices to connect to cloud-based applications quickly. However, SD WAN solutions have evolved into a much more powerful tool to help companies transform their networks into secure, agile, and reliable platforms for digital transformation.

This is achieved through the use of virtualization and automation technologies that enable branch offices to be managed with greater efficiency than ever before. This enables companies to maintain centralized control over their distributed operations while also providing them with the ability to respond quickly to changing business needs.

That's why organizations need to think about transforming their networks into something more efficient such as partnering with an SD WAN provider. This secure branch office WAN architecture provides new levels of agility and intelligence to enterprise networks.

What Is SD-WAN?

SD-WAN is a software-based network that optimizes bandwidth utilization and reduces costs. It uses a single connection for all remote sites, making it cost-effective to implement. SD-WAN can also be used to connect multiple sites, which means you have the flexibility to add more remote locations as needed.

The Benefits of Secure SD-WAN

SD-WAN solutions can deliver quick and significant improvements in application performance, productivity, and reliability. Cisco Meraki SD-WAN offers security with a central policy management console for all devices.

How to Choose an SD-WAN Solution

When selecting an SD-WAN solution, you'll want to consider how it meets your business needs. Does the solution help you achieve your business goals? Do the features and functionality meet your business requirements? Will it be easy for you to deploy and manage in your network environment?

Next, think about whether this solution will work with your existing network. If multiple vendors are already involved in delivering services like security, voice, or data transport over your WANs, then having one more vendor would only add complexity.

In addition to working with existing infrastructure providers, In the future, if new ones are required, an SD-WAN solution should also be able to integrate with them. SD-WAN solutions can deliver quick and significant improvements in application performance, productivity, and reliability.

SD-WAN solutions can deliver quick and significant improvements in application performance, productivity, and reliability. In fact, many organizations that have deployed SD-WAN solutions are achieving up to 10x faster application performance and 100% network uptime for mission-critical applications. That's because these solutions deliver the following benefits:

  • Greater flexibility: It enables you to build a more agile business by connecting multiple locations and new sites with various WAN technologies across your network infrastructure at once.
  • Improved security: Provides an encrypted tunnel between your on-premises network and cloud locations, enabling you to easily manage user access rights while securing data over public networks like the Internet or wireless connections.

In this section, we will explore how SD-WAN can address these challenges as well as other pain points present in today's hybrid networks, including:


The benefits of SD WAN solutions are clear, but deploying an SD-WAN solution is not always straightforward. There are several things to think about, such as complexity and cost. It's important to remember that it will take time before you can reap the benefits of your investment in SD-WAN, and every organization needs to understand its unique needs and requirements before choosing an SD-WAN provider or solution.


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