The FRS 15 Stock Review - A Featureless Grip and Stock For AR15 Enthusiasts

May 27, 2023
David Sunnyside

The frs 15 stock review is a clever workaround for state regulations on so-called “assault weapon” rifles. This stock from Thordsen Customs enables AR15 enthusiasts to comply with New York or California’s restrictions by eliminating two prohibited characteristics of the pistol grip and stock. The Featureless Grip and Stock kit replaces the pistol grip, removing the bullet button from the triggerguard, while also relocating the rear of the receiver to make it legally appear to be an A2 stock. The stock also has multiple sling hard points, and is compatible with standard M4 recoil pads for a range of lengths of pull.

Available for DPMS, Black Rain Ordnance, and Windam Weaponry lowers with carbine or rifle length recoil systems. Bundle kits are avalable that include everything you need to upgrade your existing firearm. Click here for details. The stock is a limited production run, so pre-order now to secure yours.

David Sunnyside
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