The Hewlett Packard HP LaserJet 1000

May 16, 2023
Justin Ankus

hewlett packardhp laserjet 1000

The HP Laserjet 1000 monochrome laser printer is a simple, low-cost and reliable machine suitable for home or small office use. Printing at 10 pages per minute with 1200dpi resolution it offers high productivity as well as compatibility with Windows XP and Vista and featuring a USB port to connect other portable devices like cameras, card-readers or phones etc.

HP introduced their entry into the low-end monochrome laser printer market with the LaserJet 1000 in 2001, marking their inaugural entry at an extremely attractive $249 cost - less than half that of Apple's comparable LaserWriter. Both printers used Canon CX engines, yet while Apple used Adobe Systems' PostScript page description language to control it, HP instead employed its Printer Command Language (PCL) control mechanism allowing HP's printer to make an earlier and cheaper market debut than Apple. This enabled HP to enter this space about one year earlier and cost about one thousand less.

HP advertised the LaserJet 1000 as a personal laser printer for individuals or small businesses who required an inexpensive machine with basic copy and scanning features. Support for PCL fonts enabled bold/italic text effects; memory capacity was 256k and there was a parallel interface. Maximum footprint measurement using legal-sized paper (rear paper exit door open): 19.5" by 10.3".

It features a graphic display that indicates its status of various operations. A two-character "ready code" on its LCD tells it what to do when not busy; you can program other activities, like selecting jobs or setting paper sizes/tray selection/test printing etc. At maximum resolution 600dpi it produces very sharp text and line art while photographs/higher-resolution graphics may have graininess issues. Furthermore it's quite quiet in standby, producing only 52dB of noise during power on/wakeup/printing events/etc.

The LaserJet offers a basic one-year warranty with on-site service available at an additional charge; additional warranties may also be purchased depending on the model. Network connectivity for HP Laserjet 1000 printers is enabled via its 10BaseT Ethernet port, while an optional JetDirect card provides fast, secure wired or wireless access to networks.

The HP Laserjet printer is extremely quick and user-friendly, making it the perfect fit for any business. Capable of printing up to 8000 pages each month at an economical price point, I strongly suggest this printer as it was so easy to setup! Just plug it in, follow instructions on your computer screen, and within minutes it was up and running - plus there's customer support available 24/7 to provide any driver updates if necessary!

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