The HT-CT800 Review

May 26, 2023
David Sunnyside

The ht-ct800 is a slim soundbar that fits nicely under a TV. Its gently curved design replaced height with depth to give it a premium look that will complement most Home Cinema setups.

Like most modern soundbars, the HT-CT800 supports Dolby Digital and DTS via its HDMI ARC port. This means it will be able to receive 5.1 surround from most content that supports it like streaming platforms and Blu-ray but will be downmixed to 2.1 when connected directly to the TV. The soundbar also offers a full range of wireless playback options with Bluetooth, NFC, Wi-Fi and Chromecast built-in.

It has three HDMI inputs which is nice considering most soundbars only offer two at the most. This will allow you to connect your Blue-Ray player, Multimedia players, gaming consoles and more without the need for additional cables.

The HT-CT800 can support 4k @ 60 Hz via its HDMI ARC port which is perfect for those that have a newer TV that supports this resolution. It can also do HDR 10 passthrough when connected to a source that supports it.

The HT-CT800 is a decent soundbar but it's not great by any means. Its sound profile is a bit bright and it doesn't have a lot of bass. When listening at a normal volume, you'll notice compression artifacts that get worse at higher volumes. Its angled design helps widen the vertical size of the soundstage but it won't be an improvement over most flat speakers for movies and bass-heavy music genres.

David Sunnyside
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