The Hutchison Effect

July 13, 2023
Justin Lumiere

hutchison effect

John Hutchison uses equipment that is capable of creating various effects such as levitation, fusion of dissimilar materials and anomalous metal changes. He has demonstrated these phenomena both to media and government officials, as well as hosting experiments and demonstrations at his apartment laboratory in Virginia Beach.

Fringe science can be difficult to take seriously, but the Hutchison Effect may well be authentic. This phenomenon involves metals melting while simultaneously keeping wood cool inside an enclosure, as well as other phenomena which defy traditional scientific norms.

Theoretical explanations

John Hutchison credited with discovering The Hutchison Effect is an unusual group of phenomena attributed to him. According to Hutchison's accounts, these strange happenings occurred by accident while trying to duplicate Nikola Tesla experiments and include levitation of heavy objects, the unification of materials like wood and metal, anomalous heating of metal without scorching adjacent materials and changes in their crystallinity and physical properties of metals.

Some theorists hypothesize that these effects result from electromagnetic fields interacting, while others believe it may be zero-point energy, an invisible form of energy found throughout all matter that can be harnessed through devices like Tesla coils.

Theories such as the Hutchison Effect are challenging to test, with many scientists remaining dubious of its validity given its lack of reproducibility and scientific documentation. Nonetheless, exploring such theories remains worthwhile; who knows, perhaps they'll lead to exciting new discoveries down the road!


Since Hutchison's discovery, there have been various experiments conducted to observe his effect. One particularly striking experiment involves the fusion of disparate materials; such as when metal can be placed inside wood without coming apart due to strong Van der Waals forces created by his Hutchison Effect; this has been documented both visually and on video by numerous credentialed scientists.

Other experiments involve levitation of objects and odd deformations of pieces of metal that have been attributed to tapping Zero Point Energy from the quantum vacuum, which involves oscillations and annihilation of particles that do not belong to matter. Some theorists suggest this new energy source is being exploited through the Hutchison Effect; otherwise there could be no explanations for such results as breakage of metal under what appears to be extreme thermal stress without scorching or carbon scoring, or anomalous heating between materials not related to electromagnetic fields.


John Hutchison claims to have discovered the Hutchison Effect while conducting experiments using replicas of Nikola Tesla's equipment, including levitation of heavy objects, the fusion of dissimilar materials (such as wood and metal), anomalous heating of metals without burning adjacent material and changes to their crystalline structures and physical properties. Hutchison attributes these phenomena to tapping into Zero Point Energy.

Hutchison's claims remain controversial among scientists due to his lack of formal training and documentation, coupled with theatricality during his demonstrations and lack of reproducible experiments under controlled conditions - leading some critics to label his discovery a hoax. Yet some scientists, like Ken Shoulders who has successfully replicated many of Hutchison's experiments while proposing his own theory to explain them have suggested the Hutchison Effect could indeed exist;


Hutchison's experiments have demonstrated that when electromagnetic fields of different wavelengths interact, strange phenomena can emerge - including the fusion of dissimilar materials and levitation of heavy objects; objects can even vanish into electronic fog! Such phenomenon cannot be explained by electromagnetism alone.

Hutchison used simple machines in his apartment laboratory to generate electromagnetic fields of various wavelengths. He has demonstrated this phenomenon more than 750 times with extraordinary results: metals melting while keeping wood cool or other objects fusing together are two examples.

Hutchison also witnessed objects rising up from the floor and floating through the air, and has witnessed things rising from it and floating off into space. Although scientific dismissal is commonplace for fringe science studies like Hutchison's work, his efforts demonstrate how fringe research can challenge traditional norms and lead to new discoveries. Furthermore, The Hutchison Effect illustrates that the Bermuda Triangle is not simply an enigmatic mystery but instead offers access to another realm.

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