The Importance of Choosing a Reliable Background Check Company

May 27, 2023
Natalie Thorburn

Hiring employees is an essential part of your business, and you need to be sure that the people who join your team are trustworthy. Background checks help you do this by revealing what an applicant has done in the past.

But not all professional background check companies are created equal. Make sure you choose one with these qualities:

Legal Compliance

A professional background check company knows the laws that govern their industry. They will keep up with new regulations and notify clients of changes that might impact their hiring process. They will also know how to interpret the results of a background check. They can list items that should appear on an employment background check, such as former names and additional addresses.

When a background check uncovers something incriminating, it can profoundly affect a person's ability to obtain employment. Candidates may be so impacted that they withdraw their candidacy for the job. There are even cases where the results of a background check have triggered discrimination lawsuits against companies.

It is why it's vital to hire a professional screening company. They have the tried and tested systems, connections, and data that can quickly and reliably gather information. And they will have the experience to avoid costly errors like clerical mistakes or missing information. They can also help you avoid legal hang-ups by following the fair credit reporting act guidelines, the equal employment opportunity commission, and other regulations. Choosing a screening company that complies with these guidelines will save you from expensive and time-consuming litigation.


A reliable company can help employers avoid hiring a bad hire. It saves the company money, time, and resources and protects employees and customers from the consequences of an unsuitable employee. Moreover, it helps the company to maintain legal compliance and mitigate the impact of negligent hiring and discrimination lawsuits.

Background checks are a vital aspect of hiring for companies across industries. However, completing these checks in-house can be time-consuming and labor-intensive for small businesses. Background check providers have the expertise and the necessary connections to perform thorough searches in a short time. They also have data systems to track records and provide accurate reports. They can even go beyond a simple online database search and visit county courthouses to inspect onsite records.

Choosing the right provider depends on the type of industry and position you're hiring for. The best background check companies offer various services to accommodate business needs, including credit checks, drug screening, motor vehicle reports, and employment history verifications. They also allow clients to add other searches and verifications a la carte, ensuring they get the most out of their service.

Choosing a background check company with a strong understanding of state and federal laws relating to using criminal records in employment decisions is essential. It should also have a clear policy on handling personally identifiable information (PII). Some background check companies use offshore workers to cut costs and may not be transparent about their operations outside the U.S. This could put your private information at risk of being hacked or compromised.


When choosing a background check company, there are several factors to consider. The price of a background check can vary depending on the scope of searches and data sources. Some searches are available online, while others require access to specific databases or courthouses. The more requested information, the more expensive examination will be.

Other costs may include education and employment verifications, professional license verifications, and criminal records checks. The best background check companies will provide packages tailored to clients' needs. It helps keep costs low by limiting the amount of unnecessary searches. Some employers add additional inquiries to their boxes, like school and degree verifications.

The cost of a background check should be included in the hiring budget. Budgeting for a certain number of background checks each month is essential, especially if there is a spike in hiring. HR staff should also be aware of any state or federal laws that could affect the background check process.

A good background check company will have a strong compliance team that stays up-to-date on changes to legal standards. In addition, they will help clients maintain compliance at scale by automating workflows and processes. They should also offer customer support that is responsive and friendly.

Customer Service

The hiring process is a significant investment of time and money for a company and can become a primary source of frustration when the wrong employee is hired. To avoid costly mistakes and legal liability, businesses must work with a background check company that is reliable, affordable, and fast. A comprehensive background check should include criminal, driving, employment, professional license verification, and sex offender searches. It should also verify education, qualifications, and employment history.

Depending on the size of your HR team, you will want a company that offers flexible pricing and an easy-to-use client platform that integrates with your existing systems. Look for a user-friendly digital and mobile-optimized process with status updates and complete copies of reports for employers and candidates.

A good screening company will have a knowledgeable, dedicated compliance team to help you navigate the myriad of federal and state regulations related to hiring. They will know the ins and outs of the laws regarding obtaining candidate consent, avoiding FCRA violations, and supporting compliance with local laws like ban-the-box initiatives.

A reputable company will provide exemplary customer service, from answering questions to troubleshooting issues. They will offer a seamless, efficient experience and deliver high-quality, accurate, and complete results to minimize the risk of bad hiring decisions. These decisions can lead to productivity losses, negligent hiring lawsuits, and harm to customers or fellow employees.


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