The Loar Guitar Review

April 15, 2023
David Sunnyside

the loar guitar review

Whether you're looking for a classic arch top guitar, a versatile acoustic-electric or something a little more compact, we've got a model that's sure to fit your needs.

The loar LH-600 is a traditional American design from the 1920s that offers an unmatched acoustic projection, and features a hand-carved top of select, graduated woods for unparalleled resonant response. This acoustic-electric has an elegant and classic appearance that will instantly turn heads!

Its resonant body and fast decay are an ideal blank slate for looping guitarists, drone-loving experimentalists, and African and Indian music-inspired sonic adventurers. It's also great for old-school jazz and blues players, who can exploit the idiosyncratic sound and playability of this thinline archtop to capture classic sounds and lead in creative ways.

When you pick it lightly, the Loar's treble is clear and direct; when you push harder, it edges towards brash and aggressive. That makes it a great choice for Ethio-jazz, Ghanese high life and other rhythmic styles that demand quick decay and short sustain.

If you're into country swing, jump blues, or dirty, high-octane slide work, this thinline archtop can handle it with ease. The resonant body, fast decay, and compact snappy attack make it an excellent vehicle for greasy slide moves, especially when paired with a humbucker or fuzz pedal out front.

At this price, the LH-301T is a highly appealing instrument for players who are just starting to explore the world of blues and old-school jazz. The spruce top and mahogany back and sides are an aptly chosen combination that allows for a solid tone while keeping the guitar affordable.

David Sunnyside
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