The Messy Bun Scunchie Review - How to Rock a Fake Ponytail With Short Hair

May 23, 2023
David Sunnyside

messy bun scrunchie review

The messy bun scrunchie is a lazy girl’s dream. It’s easy to use and helps you look gorgeous without much effort at all! Especially if you have short hair this is the perfect way to make it look fuller and more voluminous. Plus, it’s great for when you want to impress that special someone or simply go out with your friends or family members.


First, spritz your hair with a little bit of volumizing hairspray or dry shampoo. Then, gently tease the ponytail from roots to ends with a fine-tooth comb. Now, tuck the teased ponytail loosely into a high bun and secure it with bobby pins in the front, back, and sides of the head if needed. Finish off with a few tendrils of your own hair to frame your face and you’re ready to show off your chic messy bun!

You can also rock a fake bun with your long, natural hair by adding a few tendrils to your hair and then braiding them into a small fishtail or French braid. Then, tuck the end of each braid into the faux ponytail and secure with a bobby pin to keep it from unraveling or falling out. You can even add a little bit of gel or styling mousse to your hair to help give it a bit more grip and hold on the hairspray. Lastly, you can add some hair clips to your messy bun and it will really make it stand out.

David Sunnyside
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