The Neato XV21 Review

May 16, 2023
Justin Ankus

neato xv21 review

The Neato XV21's innovative laser scanner uses this information to scan the floor and map out each room, before following an efficient grid-like path for cleaning all areas thoroughly. It is especially adept at collecting pet hair and dander - something it was specifically designed to do for allergy sufferers.

Though the neato XV21 may not feature as many features as its more complex siblings like the XV Signature Pro, it still packs in plenty of useful functionality that make it a sound investment. While lacking a remote control feature, its ease-of-use and customizable cleaning modes make this an excellent value buy. You can set a schedule for daily cleaning as well as have it automatically return back to its charging base when power runs low.

Though its unique D-shaped appearance might give it an unusual and quirky aesthetic, the neato xv21 is actually impressively well-constructed. With a sturdy metal body that is both water and dust resistant - perfect for homes with pets or children as well as suitable use on both tiled and hardwood surfaces - it proves itself reliable enough for everyday life.

So the result of its design is fast and efficient cleaning: our test flat was cleared of chairs and objects in 45 minutes compared to 90 for our flagship iRobot Roomba 780. Additionally, its motorized specialty brush roll utilizes nylon-rubber filaments which efficiently pick up pet hair, dust, and dander without tangling while its pleated filter holds three times more fine particles than its standard filters can.

Another useful feature is the XV-21's ability to create virtual boundaries for it that will prevent it from entering areas of your home that you do not wish for it to. You can do this by placing magnetic strips, which it will recognise and follow. This feature is especially beneficial if you are concerned about pets vacuuming up expensive or delicate furniture unknowingly.

The XV-21 stands out as an extremely quiet robot vacuum when operating at its normal speed setting, almost making the iRobot Roomba sound audible by comparison. Although not as quiet, most competing vacuums offer comparable noise reduction.

Though the neato xv21 may have its share of issues, such as not being able to find its charger and running into objects, it remains an extremely reliable device with no company recalls and many positive customer reviews. Before pressing its clean button it's worth bearing in mind that cords or items blocking its path could prevent it from completing its cleaning cycle in full and pause it - something which could halt its progress altogether.

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