The New Dyson Gen5 Detect Stick Vacuum

May 17, 2023
Justin Lumiere

dyson gen5 detect

The Dyson Gen5 detect is a premium stick vacuum designed to clean both hard floors and carpeting. It builds upon some of the groundbreaking dirt-analysing and detection technologies introduced in 2021's V15 Detect while making other significant upgrades, such as eliminating trigger mechanisms, creating simpler on/off buttons, and offering built-in crevice tools with direct attachments on regular wands instead of having to change attachments from separate cabinets - not forgetting it's longest ever run time among cordless stick vacs!

Not only that - Dyson's Gen5 detect also boasts their most powerful motor yet, with 262 air watts of suction power - equivalent to eight times more suction than you'll find in an average vacuum cleaner! In addition, the HEPA filter captures particles down to 0.1 microns which could make an important difference for those living with allergies.

As with the V15 Detect, Dyson's Gen5 detect uses an LED light embedded into its floor brush to illuminate microscopic dust particles. However, its Fluffy Optic light has been revised and more powerful, revealing twice as many particles. When it's time to move on from an area, its colours change to alert you it's time. Dyson credits this design challenge with having to fit optical, printed circuit board and thermal solutions into such a small space without impacting pick-up performance.

Smart Carpet Mode automatically adjusts its suction power to keep up with thicker or stubbornr dirt, and can detect when switching from hard floors to carpet, knowing to increase suction accordingly. Furthermore, its Digital Motorbar head features 56 hair removal vanes which detangle as you go, with variable power depending on which surface is being cleaned by this vacuum cleaner.

The Dyson Gen5 Detect is designed for optimal runtime of up to 70 minutes, 10 more than its V15 predecessor. Its tube bit (known as Dyson's "wand") features an inbuilt crevice and dusting tool so you don't have to return back into storage each time when necessary, plus it comes equipped with an on/off button so it can be held easily using just one hand.

However, its increased battery size and features add considerable weight, which makes the Gen5 detect top heavy when compared with most stick vacuums we've tested - potentially tiring for handheld mode use - not to mention costly at $1,499 when purchased directly from Dyson.

Stick vacuum enthusiasts who can afford it may wish to consider investing in an expensive model; but for those on tight budgets there are cheaper models which provide similar performance. We suggest taking a look at Samsung Bespoke Jet for cordless vacuum with added versatility that also mop capability at an extremely reasonable cost.

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