The Onkyo TX Nr656 Review

May 22, 2023
David Sunnyside

The onkyo tx nr656 is an AV receiver that has been receiving a lot of praise from consumers. This is because of the many unique characteristics that it possesses. Some of these features include a calibration microphone and AccuEQ with AccuReflex. The latter is an algorithm that analyzes the sound-field and sets speaker and room-acoustic parameters that optimize sound quality. This way you can enjoy a more immersive and realistic in-film experience.

When it comes to audio quality, the onkyo tx nr656 definitely does not disappoint. It features dynamic amplification that delivers clear and richly amplified sound without any distortion or noise. This is made possible by a number of technologies that are employed by the onkyo tx nr656, including Vector Linear Shaping Circuitry. This is a technology that has been developed by Onkyo using their 70 years of experience in building high-grade audio components.

The tx nr656 is also capable of handling 4K videos which are becoming increasingly popular. It is able to up-scaling your existing HD Blu-rays and DVDs to stunning 4k resolution. You can watch all your favorite movies and TV shows in stunning clarity.

The tx nr656 also boasts of support for Dolby Atmos which is a revolutionary surround-sound system that provides a more immersive and exciting movie watching experience. This is made possible by placing speakers above you to create the illusion that sound is coming from directly above you. For example, when the monstrous V8 engine in Mad Max starts roaring you can feel like you are inside the car.

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