The Pillow Bar Side Sleeper Review

April 15, 2023
David Sunnyside

the pillow bar side sleeper review

Side Sleeper Pillows That Offer Comfort

To find the best pillow bar side sleeper, we looked for a variety of features that made a big difference. These features include adjustability, shape, and temperature control.

Shape: Specialty pillows come in a wide range of shapes to help you keep your head, shoulders and neck in proper alignment during sleep. These shapes may also help reduce pressure on your neck and lower back by ensuring your spine is in its proper place.

Memory Foam: The most popular pillow material among our testers, memory foam offers a firm feel that promotes good spinal alignment while reducing pressure. It's available in many firmness options and can be layered with other materials, like down or cotton, for additional softness.

Down Clusters: Another popular fill, down clusters are known for providing a luxurious and plush feel without the use of feathers or quills. The Boll & Branch Down Pillow is RDS-certified, meaning it is free from feathers and other allergens.

Temperature Regulation: The best pillow for temperature control should feature a ventilated foam core, copper-graphite infusion and a breathable circular-knit cover to help prevent heat from accumulating. This Brooklyn Bedding Luxury Cooling Memory Foam Pillow does all of this and more.

Shredded Foam: If you're looking for a more moldable option, shredded foam is an excellent choice. This Nectar Sleep Resident pillow contains a combination of high-density and high-quality shredded foam to provide a supportive base that contours to your body for optimal support.

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