The Refresh Key Chromebook Doesn't Work

July 30, 2023
David Sunnyside

If your Chromebook keyboard is giving you issues, try rebooting it or using another keyboard to see if that helps. Clearing cache and cookies stored on the device could also be useful; if these steps don't resolve the problem then consider performing a factory reset to return its system back to its original condition.

The refresh key on a chromebook keyboard is an easily identifiable button with a circular arrow icon, marking its spot at the top row of keys. When combined with other keys it can create keyboard shortcuts. In combination with other buttons the refresh button performs various tasks including refreshing windows and applications as well as resetting browser.

Additionally, the Chromebook keyboard's refresh key can perform other useful functions. Pressing both refresh key and power button simultaneously initiates a hardware reset, also known as hard resetting. This procedure temporarily disconnects BIOS and other system applications before rebooting them from scratch; helping address problems like slow performance and screen freezes.

Other Chromebook keyboard features include being able to use voice commanding for controlling Google Assistant, as well as rotating the display using Ctrl + F3. Using the refresh key you can activate Immersive Mode which alters how browser and apps appear on-screen - great for saving time by eliminating clicks to refresh apps/browsers!

Your Refresh Key Isn't Working

Sometimes the keyboard on your Chromebook might stop functioning correctly due to improper settings or damaged hardware. To fix these issues, check these items:

Make sure your keyboard layout and language match your country or region by visiting Settings > Device > Keyboard. If Esc, Backspace, or Ctrl keys aren't working as they should, try changing their input method via keyboard settings menu - open status tray > Keyboard then choose one from list of available layouts/languages in keyboard settings menu.

If your keys are misrepeating incorrectly, enabling "Enable auto-repeat" in the keyboard settings menu may help remedy this. Not only can this feature facilitate faster typing speeds and accuracy; but it also enables you to set delays before and repeat rates accordingly.

If you are having issues with specific apps or ChromeOS, try disabling the "Treat top-row keys as function keys" feature from your keyboard settings menu. This can cause special keys such as ESC, BACKSPACE, and SEARCH buttons to act differently than expected - alternatively you could select "Use unique actions for keyboard's top row".

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