The Rock When He Was Fat

July 16, 2023
David Sunnyside

The Rock is the biggest and most muscular actor in Hollywood but it took him a lot of work to get here. He isn't naturally buff or a walking bag of muscles, it takes good genes, a great work ethic and a little bit of steroids to achieve his physique. The Rock was not always a big guy and he had to lose a lot of weight before becoming the big bad action star that he is today.

He started out his career in WWE wrestling where he was the nice guy but that didn't last very long and he quickly transformed into the Big Bad Rock. That is a lot of muscle to move around and you'd think it would be hard for him but he is actually pretty quick and agile for someone of his size.

It's not just his training that keeps The Rock in such awesome shredded shape, he also has a very well curated nutritional plan that is developed by experts. As a former pro athlete he knows the importance of a good diet and he sticks to it with unwavering discipline.

He eats seven meals a day and trains six days a week to keep his massive muscles toned and shredded. He explains that it took him 18 months to pack on the muscle for his role as Black Adam in DC's new movie and he did it by eating more, getting a lot of protein and a lot of calories and by training smartly.

David Sunnyside
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