The Roland FRP 1 Piano Review

May 23, 2023
David Sunnyside

roland frp 1 piano review

The roland frp 1 piano review is one of the best entry-level digital pianos available. It has all the bells and whistles that beginners need to learn to play and has a real 88-note hammer action keyboard that feels like a real acoustic piano. It also has a variety of extra features that help to keep the student engaged and entertained. It comes in a great compact and portable package that can easily be transported and played in any room of the house. This keyboard is very easy to use with a simple control panel and four toggle buttons to access functions.

The sound quality is great with a maximum of 12 watts of power going through 2 speakers to create full and deep sounding chords. This is much more than most other pianos in this price range which only have 6 watts of power and sound very tinny. It also has a nice internal song library to play along with and can be used with headphones to practice in private without disturbing others in the room.

Another feature of this piano is that it has an internal metronome to help the pianist with timing and keeping a steady beat. It also has a duo mode that allows two people to practice playing together at the same time and can also be connected to an external sound system using the headphone jack or an adapter and cable.

It would be nice to have dedicated line out jacks instead of the headphone jack for connecting this piano to PA systems and amplifiers for gigging purposes but it is still an excellent portable piano option. It also does not come with a footswitch that supports half-pedal action but this can easily be purchased and added later on.

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