The Roland Go Mixer Pro Review

May 23, 2023
David Sunnyside

roland go mixer pro review

Unlike the original Go:MIXER, which relied on your device for power, this model gets its own USB battery pack, so you can use it even without your phone connected. That’s a big deal since smartphone screens draw a lot of power when in use, and it can drain even a robust Android or iOS device fairly quickly with the screen on.

The Go:MIXER Pro also offers more input channels than the previous model. There’s a pair of stereo 3.5mm line-level inputs, a combo XLR/TRS microphone input with phantom power (for condenser mics), a 1/4 inch guitar/bass input, and a TRRS smartphone input. There’s even a headphone or headset jack for those who want to be able to listen while recording.

Like the original Go:MIXER, the GO:MIXER Pro isn’t a replacement for a full mixer in your home studio or broadcast booth, but it can make a nice complement to your mobile workflow. It’s compact enough to fit into your kit bag, easy to transport, and capable of handling a variety of different types of instruments/sound sources.

Considering all of this, the $170 price tag is pretty reasonable. If you’re a musician who often records on the go, a vlogger who needs to capture high quality audio for YouTube videos, or any other content creator who wants to livestream with multiple inputs, the roland go mixer pro review is definitely worth checking out. Just don’t forget your battery pack! You’ll need it.

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