The Samsung 65NU8000 Review

May 22, 2023
David Sunnyside

65nu8000 review

The 65nu8000 review is a great 4k TV for gaming and watching movies, with excellent black uniformity and good HDR peak brightness to make highlights pop in dark scenes. It also has low input lag and supports Freesync variable refresh rate technology for gamers, which prevents screen tearing. Its display panel is an edge-lit LED-LCD with a VA LCD panel design, which gives it a wide color space coverage and high contrast ratio.

It has a good local dimming performance, which helps to improve the picture in a dark room and it can get very bright to fight glare in a bright room. The native contrast is also quite high, which helps to make the image look sharp and clear. The standard deviation is very low, so you will not see any clouding in a dark scene with a lot of smaller objects.

Samsung has made a few improvements over last year's model, so it is better for gaming and movies, with lower input lag, a faster response time and support for FreeSync variable refresh rate technology. It also has a new gaming mode and improved motion interpolation to remove blur from fast-moving images.

The LG UK6300 is a more affordable choice for a small dark room with seating directly in front, but the Samsung NU8000 is a better option if you want a large bright room and you will be sitting straight in front of it. The NU8000 can get much brighter to fight glare, it has a higher native contrast and deeper blacks and it also has better gray uniformity for sports fans.

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