The Sennheiser HD 630VB Review

July 8, 2023
David Sunnyside

hd 630vb review

The HD 630VB is a new entry in the Sennheiser line that aims to bring a high-end closed-back audiophile headphone into the portable realm. The design combines the isolation of the Momentum and HD lines with a sophisticated bass tailoring and ease of driving that make it a good fit for iPhones, Androids and other digital players. This headphone is made from premium materials including ear cups of brushed aluminum, tasteful Prussian or yacht blue accents, and soft synthetic leather. It weighs a bit more than its more portable counterparts but feels sturdy with minimal plastic at the stress points, and it can fold flat for easy storage in its carrying case.

Like most Sennheiser headphones, the HD 630VB uses an inline remote control with a microphone for phone calls and music playback. The controls are located on the right earcup, and a switch allows you to choose between using it with an Apple or other device. The headphone also includes a variable bass dial, which varies the frequency response of the headphones from neutral to very bass-heavy depending on how much you turn it up.

The sound quality is very good. I found them to have a better sense of soundstaging than the HP50s and Spirit Classics, positioning the constituent parts of an image with more precision. The 630VBs also had greater clarity, so I could hear things I couldn’t through the other two headphones—like fingers on strings and brushstrokes on cymbals, as well as the precise shape of plucked notes.

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