The Shaboxx Review

May 26, 2023
David Sunnyside

The shaboxx review is an article that takes a look at the company and its compensation plan. The company is promoting a box that allows subscribers to watch pay-per-view movies as well as live sporting events like Boxing, UFC and Wrestling. The company is also offering to sell subscriptions for HBO and Showtime.

The Shaboxx compensation plan is as dubious as the piracy box itself. The company charges affiliates a fee to participate in the compensation plan, which pays out commissions on chain-recruitment. Retail sales are not referenced in the company’s compensation plan materials, meaning all commissions paid out are sourced from Shaboxx affiliates and is indicative of a pyramid scheme.

The piracy box that Shaboxx is selling caused a bit of a stir in the business sector between the beginning and middle of last year, but most MLM opportunities that revolved around commercial piracy boxes have died out as the industry came to understand that the market for such products is quite limited.

David Sunnyside
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