The Six Essential Elements of Commercial Landscape Design

November 10, 2022

Commercial landscape design comprises a full spectrum of services that will take your commercial space from the initial building stage to long-term maintenance planning. 

Commercial landscape owners or developers who think their property can benefit from the additional amenities rely on the help of Landscape Deer Park, NY professionals

A professional in landscaping services design can create a beautiful and functional outdoor space to meet all business's unique needs. Here are a few essential elements of commercial landscape design; continue reading to know them. 

Necessary Elements That Could Be A Part Of Your Design

  • Enhance The Building's Architecture: Like how additional utilities enhance the look of your home, a beautiful landscape design enhances the overall look of a commercial building. Whatever the landscape design may be, it should accentuate and complement the architecture of the building. 

Tall trees on either side of the entrance or pathway, colorful plants to bring out the details of the building, or an attractive water feature such as a fountain or pool are all ways to enhance the architecture through landscape design. 

  • Draw People's Attention: The main goal of commercial developers is to attract visitors and clients by creating an incredible landscape. The design of the landscape should be unique and bold yet inviting. 

Seek the help of professionals with expertise in Landscape Design Syosset NY and design it to make it captivating and stand out. Shaded areas, colorful plants, a place to sit, etc., can help people to attract, and they will remember the place as a thoughtful design. 

  • Make Your Message Clear: Wherever it is possible, the exterior design of the commercial building should reflect its message in some way or another. Design the commercial landscape with beauty, harmony, inclusivity, or any idea you want to convey. 

Also, consider the kind of image you want to create: something professional, a place of calm and healing, an entertaining place, or something that is edgy and unique. Like your home, your commercial landscape design can represent your personality.

  • Make Clear Pathways: Designing a pathway for a commercial landscape is a great way to showcase your originality. Since pathways lead to commercial buildings or landscapes and are most trodden over, it is important to design them correctly and clearly. 

A clearer pathway should be built to avoid obstacles as clients and visitors enter your business. Accessible considerations should also be made so that any particular group is not excluded. Things should be as simple as possible, and any fixture, especially drainage, should be avoided.

  • Conserve Energy And Water: By choosing the right plants in the area, ensure a shaded space for the summer days. This shaded area can also protect from harsh weather, such as winter winds, snow, etc. 

This kind of plan or idea can naturally cut down on energy costs. Another consideration could be an installation of a green roof that is waterproof. A layer of plantation or vegetation on the roof will look pleasing and useful. 

  • Install Proper Drainage System: Perhaps the most crucial component for commercial landscape design is proper drainage. It is vital for the pedestrian's safety as well as the longevity of the landscaping. Standing water can create an unnecessary mess, erode pathways, and even slip hazards.

 An effective drainage system can help in moving out water and carrying it safely to the sewer system. Slot drains offer a reliable drainage system and blend well with any landscape design.


Designing commercial landscapes can significantly enhance the look of your building and also increase its value. You can go for any design according to your business's needs; just keep in mind the essential components. You can also hire professionals from Landscaping Deer Park NY to create a wonderful and unique design for your commercial project.


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